Saturday, April 23, 2011

Before presentation for System Analysis And Design.I as Project Manager for Chalet Booking System.Look like manager right...hahahah

This video i take at lobby on Saito college during waiting my lecture to buy we lunch. so i bored t take this video. This video tell about fighting between two of my friends zaty and anip to get a worse beg ever see...ahhaha....zaty like a snatch thief and she play the role very well because her face really like beware with zatty..hahhaha....enjoy the video my always..:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tomorrow 23 april 2011 9 am is my final project presentation. Our topic is Chalet Booking System. I will present with my team manager or more accurate my documentation analysis Hatirah. I hope our present will be finish with smoothly and can answered all question from my lecture Miss Asha. And it will be my class with my lovely lecture that teach me a lot of knowledge form empty cup until full of cup with knowledge. i and my team member will do the best for my lecture and more important for my self and my parents. Pray for my group and my classmate always..:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My College Friends

This is my best friends we call her as Hatirah or nickname as Tira. She is very powerful women not a superhero but have some ability that other women don't have...What is her ability?? only certain people or her friends know about that.
This is my closely friends. Her full name is MUhammad Haniff Bin Hussaini or nick name as Anip. He is very funniest friends in the class. Every single or his words make our class laugh even it not a joke...hahaha...From 1 sem and now 7 sem i and he never separated i and he always in 1 group and make a better group ever he said "" GROUP KITA LA PALING GEMPAK"
This is my classmate her name is Muhammad Azeri and we call he as Apit. He face like M rajoli right hahahah...he has a lot of fan in the college or in the facebook. If your all want to know this guy can message me ok..i not to sell my friends but i want to introduce my friends to world.huhu

This is my best friends her name is Nurizzati Bt Hayat or we call she as zaty or zettu or z...i think you all can evaluate she right..he has a beautiful face and nice teeth when wear the scarf...hehhe..She is very intelligent student in our class. Currently she is our best students in BIT course.

I not a gangster but i'm a big guy....hahaha...just kidding i just look like a gangster actually i'm normal like others but i have i heart and felling. If some one trying to cross over my head they will know who am i. So be nice with me and i will more nicer with you all. Happy All ways my friends, SMILE ALWAYS :)..